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I'm TeaLeafves #59540 on Flight Rising :D
I really like these things okay /killed

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[3] Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
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1. It took me 2 years to reach 5'3" but my friends still like to think I'm 5'
2. I really like Frosties cereal mixed with Froot Loops
3. I write really tiny
4. I have a hard time socializing and keeping up a conversation ;v;
5. Currently taking an Education course OvO/
6. Not a school year (or rather, semester now) goes by where I don't trip and fall at least three times in public
7. I'm very much a morning person. Sleepy, but really happy
8. I hate writing E's and F's
9. I have four kinds of handwriting: math, outlines, audio, and hand cramp
10. One of the things in my bucketlist is to get Urie, Levine, and O'Donoghue in one picture, with or without me

1. How are you?
- TIRED. And cold. But very comfortable right now

2. What's your favorite Oc of yourself?
- REIM. He's in nearly every story I make or am part of. He's also my artsona and I draw him a lot - he's perfect everything I draw him in is still in character

3. If you had a baby how would you name it? 
- HAHAH I ALREADY PLANNED THIS LAST YEAR. Okay so I'm going to have a boy first and name him Clarke after an OC /shot
my next kids will be a girl named Robin, after the default name of My Unit in Fire Emblem Awakening as well as Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother, and another boy name Morgan after MU's kid and partially after Morgan Freeman HEH. their second names will be references as well

4. what's your favorite pokemon starter and how do you name it?
- I haven't tried all the rest since I grew up thinking Fire was god, but I think I'm def gonna say Piplup. Named him Miles since Empoleons look like Miles Edgeworth from Phoenix Wright HEH

5. What's your favorite oc of another person?
- I HAVE TO PICK?? okay sorry guys but

:iconjeusev:'s Lian bc he's admittedly a really fun character to write about and I really really love his smile and he's just really charming for a 2D character shit

6. Recommend me some movie, series, anime, manga or book 
- oh damn.

BOXTROLLS - I've watched it recently, and GOOD GOD IS IT AMAZING. Same makers of Coraline, so if you liked that you will most definitely like this. THIS TOOK FOUR YEARS TO MAKE AND ITS ALL HANDMADE AND MANUAL AND OH GOD I. I LOVED IT. SO MUCH

Kingsman - let's face it I'm a sucker for things like this but gd pls watch it it was amazing Samuel L Jackson is in it


The Imitation Game - I haven't gotten around to watching it yet (sorry gracefulsunshine ) but the guy who adapted the screenplay won the Oscar and he gave a really good speech and he looked so happy and Imitation Game is a really amazing and touching movie pls watch it

The Internship - cries in a corner

Cats Don't Dance - I watched this in class and my life will never be the same

Once Upon A Time - the connections of the fairytales we grew up with is really amazing and like the special effects are weird and the acting is sometimes laughable but christ you stay for the story it's a reALLY GOOD STORY (plus Captain Hook is hot)

How I Met Your Mother - I hated the series finale but the entire show shaped my early adolescent life and is still shaping it. These are people you don't forget, lessons you keep close, and a really neat 9 season binge that doesn't feel like a waste of time


Scandal - pls watch this

How To Get Away With Murder - not exaclty my cup of tea, but probably only because I wasn't up to anything when I started. It's pretty good, only 1 season so far

Reign - French history with some inaccuracies but this is pretty good


Ansatsu Kyoushitsu/Assassination Classroom - one of the reasons why I pushed to study Education. Light hearted and really fun with some real talk every now and then. Lots of really good lessons

Haikyuu!! - volleyball dorks makin their way thru highschool im so excited for seASON 2 BC MY FAVORITE ARC IS GONNA BE IN IT

World Trigger - Haven't gotten far, but it's pretty good :o

Vagrant Soldier Ares - actually a Manhwa, set in some war. Really painful, but it was really good. It's ended, sooo

Room - New territory to me and a really good change of perspective. You're looking thrugh the eyes of a 5-year old, there's that. Definitely must read

Go Ask Alice / The Book of David - Both in same line of theme. Focuses on struggles of addiction (Alice) and homosexuality (David). Haven't finished the latter, but the former I really liked. gets you thinking

The Graveyard Book - NEIL GAIMAN AAAA really good. i love it so much omg Bod <3

Gone Gone Gone - the funny thing is my copy is gone

Unnatural Creatures - collection of short stories by Gaiman and others. Really cool and creative!!

Timekeeper - cries a lot

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (sequel: Hollow City, pending third book) - I REALLY REALLY LIKED THIS it has pictures and stuff in it every now and then the story is really good omg INHAVE THE COMIC AND GOD THE ART IS REALLY AMAZING

Doppleganger - It's a book slash comic. I never was able to find the second book, but the third is in my city bookstore. NEED IT SO BAD. pls read this

365 Days of Wonder - not really a storybook, but a bunch of really nice quotes

this is all i remember squints

7. How do you name your pokemon trainer?
- after my genderbend, Gabe, since my friend and I RP a lot after playing a new game

8. What's your favorite animal?
- currently Owls, always will love dogs and cats; Ferrets are cute and Fennec Foxes are a blessing to the world

9. What's your first OC?
- I think it was this black furred Pikachu a friend helped name Arkaila

10. What's your favorite color?


//all im goigto bother typing im so tired
also tag the tagger

1. How/Why/Who got you to start drawing?
2. Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 years?
3. What would you do if you saw me down the street?
4. What do you usually do in your free time?
5. Would you eat (literal) shit that tastes like chocolate, or chocolate that tastes like (literal) shit?
6. Favorite pet (current or wish)?
7. If you were a cactus, why?
8. Pre-/Post- sleeping habits?
9. Favorite band/singer/genre to listen to when drawing/generally listening to music?
10. Would you like to build a snowman?

rolls bye guys

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